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Diemerbos Amsterdam Sat. July 23 2016

July 23rd marks the return of 22fest to the Diemerbos. We've invited some of the future stars in hip hop, R&B, electronic pop and house music. They will be joined by some of our favourite 22tracks residents in a forest near Amsterdam to present the best new music out there.


What's 22fest's minimum age?

The minimum age is 18 years.

Can tickets be scanned from my phone?

Yes, of course. Make sure to download them before you get to the Diemerbos as the 3G / 4G connection may not always be strong enough.

Will there be cash machines on the festival ground?

No, there won't be any. Of course you will be able to pay for your drink tokens by card. Please note, all tokens bought at the festival are only valid during this year's edition of 22fest and are not refundable for cash.

Do you offer lockers on the festival grounds?

Yes, there will be lockers near the entrance.

Can I buy cigarettes at the festival?

No. You won't be able to buy cigarettes.

Can I bring my own food & drinks?

No. We've got great food & drinks ready for you.

Can I bring any drugs?

In part due to the terms of our permit we have a 'zero tolerance' policy when it comes to hard drugs on the festival. This means access to the festival can be denied when prohibited substances are found. Bringing a small amount of soft drugs for personal use is allowed. This excludes prerolled joints. Please take this into account.

Am I allowed to film or take photos?

You are, as long as it happens with a simple camera like your phone. Professional camera's, like big camera's with changeable lenses aren't allowed unless you were given permission. Ask for press accredition by emailing

Can I bring a GoPro or a selfie stick?

GoPro, yes. Selfie stick, please don't.

Can I hand out flyers for my own event?




Shall I come by car?

You could. You can park your car next to the festival ground for €15 per day. Please note: you can only buy a parking ticket in pre-sale, NOT on the festival day. Navigate to Muiderstraatweg 63. Take the A10 and follow the S113. From there on follow the Muiderstraatweg and you'll be at the parking ground in no time.

Can I get there by public transport?

Sounds like a good plan. Tram 9's terminus Diemen Sniep is a 13 minute walk away from the Diemerbos. You could also take bus line 66 from Bijlmer ArenA to the Stammerkamp stop. From there it's an 11 minute walk.

Shall I go by bike?

That's a really good plan. Navigate to Muiderstraatweg 63 and park your bike directly next to the festival ground. From Amsterdam's city center, Spui, it's approximately 30 minutes by bike.

Shall I take an Uber?

Sure! Uber can easily drop you off and pick you up at the Kiss & Ride. Grab your first Uber ride with €15 discount by using code '22FEST2016'.

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